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How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Follow these 7 Tips to Take Off the Last 10 Pounds:

  1. Lift weights.
  2. Focus on health, not pounds.
  3. See a dietitian.
  4. Know your metabolic rate.
  5. Eat a bigger breakfast.
  6. Eat five small meals a day.
  7. Think positive thoughts.

By John Casey
WebMD Features

Reviewed by Charlotte E. Grayson, MD

Fighting off those last 10 pounds can bring up mixed feelings. On one hand, you're happy and proud to be just a step away from the weight you'd wanted to reach. On the other hand, you face the potentially depressing prospect of having to unload yet another 35,000 calories (otherwise known as 10 pounds).

Weight loss is all about changing behavior, and that is most true when you're fighting off those last 10 pounds.

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