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Weight Loss Surgery: Is It For You?

Weight loss surgery can change your life -- but it's important to know there's almost as much preparation as there is recuperation for people who undergo the surgery. And once the deal is done, there is often no turning back. Are you ready?

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Reviewed ByCynthiaHaines,MD
on Wednesday, October 27, 2004

When all else fails, experts agree that weight loss surgery is the best bet for dropping those unwanted, unhealthy pounds. But weight loss surgery isn't for everyone. There are physical and emotional hurdles to get over before putting yourself in a surgeon's hands.

The number of adults and children with obesity is on the rise -- affecting about 60 million Americans, six million of whom are considered severely or morbidly obese. At the same time, interest in weight loss surgery is growing, in part because of the widely publicized success stories of celebrities like singer Carnie Wilson and the Today show's Al Roker.

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