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New Rules for Winter Health/Beauty

Your exercise, health, and beauty routines shouldn't end when winter begins. But you should change your routine to fit the season.

By JeanLawrence
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By CharlotteGrayson,MD

As the cold winds blow, the sunblock and conditioners go back in the medicine cabinet and we feast instead of exercise, right? Wrong! Your beauty and health routines continue -- but the rules change.

Winter Skin Care

By the time the first leaf falls, it seems like you can scratch your name on your dry skin. "Indoor heating takes the humidity out of the air and we start the scratch-itch cycle on our arms and legs," says Wendy Lewis, New York beauty consultant and author of The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies. Wool clothing can also leach out moisture and irritate skin. Lewis recommends a lactic acid body lotion called Amlactin, available behind the pharmacist's counter without a prescription (other good over-the-counter goos are Eucerin, Aquaphor, and Vaseline Intensive Care). "If you use lotion," she advises, "you need to use it more often, even every few hours."

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