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Eye Implants to Correct Vision


Intrasomal corneal ring segments or Intacs are an FDA-approved non-laser surgery procedure to help correct nearsightedness.

Intacs are tiny, clear prescription eye inserts. They are flexible, crescent-shaped rings that are placed in the periphery of the cornea by an ophthalmologist during a simple outpatient procedure. Intacs inserts help flatten the front of the eye, helping to decrease mild nearsightedness in patients.

The Intacs procedure is typically suggested for those patients suffering from minor nearsightedness. The treatment cannot be used to help farsightedness, severe nearsightedness, or astigmatism.

How Are Intacs Placed?

Intacs are placed in a short procedure performed in your ophthalmologist's office.

First, the ophthalmologist numbs your eyes using specially medicated eye drops. Then, the doctor makes a small incision at the top of your eye.

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