Filing a Medicare Claim

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You should not have to file any claims for hospital and other services covered under Medicare Part A. Providers must be certified by Medicare and must file claims for you. If a Part A provider is not Medicare certified, Medicare will not pay for the service. Part A providers include:

You should not to have to file any claims for doctor and other services covered under Medicare Part B. Providers must file the claims for you. Part B providers include:

  • Doctors
  • Laboratories
  • Radiology (x-rays)
  • Medical equipment and supply companies
  • Home health agencies

If your healthcare provider does bill you for services that Medicare should cover, call his or her office. Ask your healthcare provider to send a claim to Medicare directly. If he or she keeps trying to bill you, call Medicare at (800) 633-4227.

You will get Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) in the mail after you use any Medicare Part A or B covered services. These aren't bills. They are records of what services your healthcare provider charged to Medicare during the last thirty days.

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