Smoking in Men

Did you know that men who smoke raise their risk of lung cancer by more than 22 times? Did you know that smoking could affect more than just your lungs?

Not only does smoking cause lung diseases (such as lung cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis), it can increase your risk for other health problems:

  • heart disease: blood flow to the heart is critically reduced
  • stroke: lack of blood flow to the brain from a blood clot, or bleeding in the brain from a broken blood vessel
  • osteoporosis: thinning or weakening of your bones
  • other cancers: such as cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus (food pipe), pancreas, kidney, bladder, and prostate
  • impotence and infertility: problems having an erection and getting your wife or partner pregnant
  • wrinkles: damages the skin and causes wrinkling

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