Osteoarthritis: 2004 Perspectives (cont.)

Over a 30 month follow-up of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joint, researchers from Boston found an association between an increase in humidity and increased pain and stiffness.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: Well, anecdotally we hear this in the clinic frequently. The researchers also found an association of barometric pressure with pain in the joints, but not with stiffness.


Acupuncture was found to be helpful in relieving pain and improving function in osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: The researchers from the University of Maryland used traditional Chinese acupuncture successfully in a large number (190) of patients. These data confirm previous reports of the usefulness of acupuncture.

Weight Reduction

Researchers from John's Hopkins of Baltimore reported preliminary data that even small amounts of weight reduction (8% or approximately 17 pounds) in obese patients were associated with a 45% reduction in symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: This report was exciting because it was also noted that the losses of weight seemed to improve symptoms even

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Last Editorial Review: 11/1/2004