Inhalants, Which Kids Do It?

Inhalant abuse and addiction are the result of deliberately and repeatedly inhaling (breathing in) fumes from such volatile substances as glue, shoe polish, gasoline, nitrous oxide, aerosol sprays, lighter fluid, spray paints, correction pens, and paint solvents. A study was therefore designed to identify the factors related to inhalant abuse and addiction.

The Study: Almost 37,000 teens were questioned about their use of inhalants. Approximately 9% of them reported using inhalants at some time. Teens who first began using inhalants at an early age were more likely to become addicted. Other factors contributing to inhalant addiction were a history of foster care placement, mental health problems, a background of physical abuse and the use of other drugs (such as cocaine or heroin).

Comment: This study does a good job in delineating which kids are into inhalant abuse and addiction in the US. The question that it doesn't answer is what can be done about it. Inhalant abuse and addiction clearly are closely intertwined with a number of other social problems.

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