FLAP Doubles Risk of Heart Attack

Medical Authors and Editors: Barbara K. Hecht, Ph.D. and Frederick Hecht, M.D.

Feb 9, 2004 -- A gene that carries a large risk for heart attack and stroke has been identified. The gene called FLAP is first major gene to be discovered for the usual type of heart attack. And it is the second major genetic factor identified in the common form of stroke.

A particular version of FLAP was reported to double the risk for a heart attack and almost double the risk for stroke in Iceland. Another version of FLAP was found associated with heart attacks in the UK.

This was reported in the online edition of Nature Genetics yesterday. The research was done by a team of scientists led by deCODE Genetics in Iceland.

The FLAP gene helps make a leukotriene, a signal that activates the white blood cells involved in inflammation. Both heart disease and stroke involve inflammation in the arterial wall. FLAP stands for 5-lipoxygenase activating protein.

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