How Do Your Choices of Fat Stack Up?

With the addition of trans fat to the Nutrition Facts panel, you can review your food choices and see how they stack up. The following labels illustrate total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol content per serving for selected food products.

Don't assume similar products are the same. Be sure to check the Nutrition Facts panel (NFP) when comparing products because even similar foods can vary in calories, ingredients, nutrients, and the size and number of servings in the package. When buying the same brand product, also check the NFP frequently because ingredients can change at any time and any change could affect the NFP information.

Look at the highlighted items on the sample labels below. Combine the grams (g) of saturated fat and trans fat and look for the lowest combined amount. Also, look for the lowest percent (%) Daily Value for cholesterol. Check all three nutrients to make the best choice for a healthful diet.
Note: The following label examples do not represent a single product or an entire product category. In general, the nutrient values were combined for several products and the average values were used for these label examples.

Compare Spreads!*
Keep an eye on Saturated Fat, Trans Fat and Cholesterol!
 Butter **  Margarine, stick †  Margarine, tub †
Sample label for Butter with the values below. Sample label for Margarine, stick with the values below. Sample label for Margarine, tub with the values below.

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