Pain Relievers Use Caution (cont.)

The FDA's consumer educational campaign will include: 1) an OTC pain reliever brochure to be distributed in pharmacies, and by health care providers, 2) a "matte release" newspaper article to be distributed to 10,000 community papers across the country, 3) a reprint of "Use Caution With Pain Relievers", an FDA Consumer magazine article that will be distributed at national healthcare conferences and available for reprinting in health related publications and 4) two print public service ads that will be sent to approximately 100 major magazines. All of these materials are available on the web at

The campaign will provide advice on how to avoid inadvertently taking more than the recommended doses of these medicines and outline underlying health conditions that increase risk.

In September 2002, FDA's Non-Prescription Drugs Advisory Committee recommended changes to labeling of certain OTC drug products, including acetaminophen and NSAIDS. They advised that these changes are needed to better inform consumers about the ingredients in these products and possible side effects caused by improper use. In addition to this new consumer outreach effort, FDA will consider changing the labeling of these products to further bolster their safe use. FDA is reviewing various changes to labeling for these ingredients that better reflect the latest scientific knowledge about OTC oral pain relievers.

The FDA recommends that consumers talk with healthcare professionals or pharmacists if they have questions about using an OTC medicine and especially before using them in combination with dietary supplements or OTC or prescription medicines.

Source: FDA News Release # P04-04, January 22, 2004

Last Editorial Review: 1/23/2004