Mercury in Tuna Warning & Polluting

Background: Among seafood, tuna ranks second only to shrimp in popularity in the US.

Story:The US government plans to warn pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and women of childbearing age to limit their consumption of tuna because of concerns about mercury poisoning.A draft advisory from the FDA and EPAfollows (below).

Congratulations: We congratulate the US government on showing concern about the health of the nationby issuing this warning. There is no doubt that methylmercury is highly toxic and dangerous.

Criticism:The government has eased the regulation of coal-fired power plants, the largest source of mercury pollutionthat settlesin the water and contaminates fish.While the government warns of mercury in tuna, it lets our power plants continue topollute withmercury.

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Barbara K. Hecht, Ph.D.
Frederick Hecht, M.D.
Medical Editors,

FDA Announces Comprehensive Foods Advisory on Methylmercury

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