Remedy High in Lead Warning

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement warning the public about a specific powdered remedy which can contain up to 79% lead. The name of the powder is Litargirio. It is used as a deodorant, a foot fungicide, a burn treatment, a wound treatment and for a variety of other health-related and personal purposes. Children especially should not be exposed to Litargirio because the high lead content can cause them permanent brain damage.

Comment: Litargirio is not a new product. Why has it taken the FDA so long to get onto it? It seems that the FDA is slow to get on to ethnic products, ones coming from Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. The FDA needs to realize (as it undoubtedly already has) that it is a small world today.

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FDA Warns Consumers About Use of "Litargirio"-Traditional Remedy That Contains Dangerous Levels of Lead

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