Lead in Candle Wicks Alert

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has finally banned the use of lead in candle wicks. This action comes after a 30-year period during which the candle industry was supposed to voluntarily "self-regulate" the use of lead in wicks.

Lead is put in candle wicks in the first place because, as one expert put it, "it's a kind of Viagra for candle wicks" It makes them stand up straighter and the candle burns better. The problem is that the lead then vaporizes into the air where it can be inhaled.

Our Comment: It is ironic (to mix metals) that many people use candles these days to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. While lowering your blood pressure, you may be raising your blood lead.

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Barbara K. Hecht, Ph.D.
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CPSC Bans Candles With Lead-Cored Wicks