Medical Definition of Nucleoside bypass therapy

Nucleoside bypass therapy: an experimental treatment designed to restore the normal number of deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) in the mitochondria of cells in patients with certain forms of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. dNTPs are components of DNA. While most of a cell’s DNA is found within the nucleus, the mitochondria (structures within cells that are important for converting food into an energy form that cells can use) contain a small amount of DNA. In this type of therapy, the DNA components are administered daily in pill form. Also known as deoxypyrimidine monophosphate bypass therapy.

See also mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.

REFERENCE: Garone C et al. Deoxypyrimidine monophosphate bypass therapy for thymidine kinase 2 deficiency. EMBO Mol Med. 2014 Aug;6(8):1016-27.

Last Editorial Review: 7/18/2017

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