Weight Control After Pregnancy (cont.)

Third, there is myth about what is the best method for weight loss after pregnancy. A myriad of factors contribute to this confusion, beginning with the fact that there is not enough research about what type of weight program is safe for the mother (especially the nursing mother) after delivery. This lack of research, in turn, means that doctors are reluctant to allow any "radical diets." As a result, less stringent diets are recommended that may take longer to work and are thus less appealing and too frustrating to many women.

What should a woman consider the best plan for weight loss after pregnancy?

First, the woman should first have realistic expectations about how long it takes to lose weight. About 1-2 pounds per week is actually successful! She should also remember that no specific diet has been proven to be more safe or effective than any other, and that she likely cannot risk feeling ill from depriving herself of certain nutrients on radical fad diets. In addition, if she were nursing, she wouldn't want to harm the baby's nutrition by potentially dangerous or severely restrictive diets. Initially, a woman should try to lose the weight on her own by eating a sensible, balanced diet. Exercising every single day, even if that exercise is just walking, is an absolute must. The lack of exercise is what often holds up the process. Weight loss will simply not be satisfactory if exercise is lacking. This is true for many reasons; including that exercise helps keep the body's metabolism from decreasing excessively while dieting. Weight loss while dieting is easier with exercise and very difficult without it.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 12/1/2014

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