Anaphylaxis - Prevention Tips

Anaphylaxis refers to a rapidly developing and serious allergic reaction that affects a number of different areas of the body at one time. Severe anaphylactic reactions can be fatal. Most people experience allergy symptoms only as a minor annoyance. However, a small number of allergic people are susceptible to a reaction that can lead to shock or even death. Fortunately, anaphylaxis is rare. The death rate from anaphylaxis is about 1 out of every 2.5 million people per year.

Preventing anaphylaxis is the ideal form of treatment. However, that may not always be easy since insect stings are frequently unanticipated and allergic foods are often hidden in a variety of different preparations. Here are some prevention tips.

Drugs and Medications

  • Advise all health care personnel of your allergies.
  • Ask your doctor whether the prescribed medication contains the drug(s) you are allergic to.
  • Take all drugs by mouth if possible.

Insect Stings

  • Avoid areas such as outdoors garbage, barbecues and insect nests.
  • Avoid bright clothing, perfume, hair spray or lotion that might attract insects.
  • Wear long sleeved clothing, long trousers, and shoes while outdoors.


  • Carefully read all labels.
  • Ask what the ingredients are when eating out.
  • Avoid foods that may cross react such as bananas, kiwi fruit, and avocado.

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