How To Reduce Your Medication Costs (cont.)

Do pharmaceutical companies have programs for those that cannot afford medication?

Major pharmaceutical companies may have programs that provide free medication to individuals who cannot afford them. There are income limitations and forms that have to be completed by a health care provider. If there is such a program and you cannot afford your medications, it is worth the effort to convince your health care provider to complete the necessary forms. These programs are a way for pharmaceutical companies to give back to the community, but they are under-utilized.

What about lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise?

The best way to reduce the costs of medications is to not develop the disease in the first place. Lifestyle plays a role in the development and the management of many diseases. For example, a recent study showed that moderate exercise and a proper diet could reduce the development of type 2 diabetes. In addition, proper diet and exercise improves the control of hypertension and diabetes and reduces the need for medications. Lifestyle modifications require commitment, but they can reduce the need for medication and the medication costs.

Last Editorial Review: 10/28/2009