Arthritis in Children - 2001 National Meeting (cont.)

Enbrel was documented to be effective and safe in treating JRA in children under the age of 4 years.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: Enbrel is already approved for use in children. This verifies its potential in the very young.

Two papers documented the effectiveness and safety of Enbrel in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis in children (juvenile ankylosing spondylitis).

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: These are important papers that will open up options of treatment for this rare disease of children and even children under the age of 4 years, according to one of the studies.

Uveitis (Eye Inflammation)

Remicade was reported by a number of groups of researchers as a beneficial treatment of uveitis.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: This interesting use of Remicade will likely slip into the arsenal of doctors treating uveitis, which is a horrible, painful cause of blindness. I have recently had the occasion to witness this result first hand in my practice. I had a man come to me with a history of uveitis due to Behcet's syndrome. This patient nearly went blind while undergoing a litany of traditional therapies for his eye until a university professor started him on Remicade infusions. He was able to discontinue all other medications and he remarkably stabilized.


Aerobic exercise was reported to be associated with an increase in laboratory markers of inflammation in children with arthritis.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: A graded bicycle method was used for the exercise technique. Why was this report interesting? Because these same researchers from New York had previously reported that gentle resistance exercises may have an effect against inflammation. Rheumatologist are big advocates of exercise, but in the stages of the arthritis when it is active, we tend to recommend rest. This study demonstrates chemical reasons why that is probably wise.


A study evaluating the value of video vs. computer for the education of children with arthritis suggested that both we welcome forms of educating methods, but that they may have different roles. The video may have more value as a tool for introducing younger patients to the disease, whereas the computer was very valuable as a resource for the disease in the later stages.

Dr. Shiel's Perspective: Welcome to !!

Last Editorial Review: 11/26/2001