National Fire Prevention Week

Fires and civilian fire deaths have generally been declining over the past two decades. This is good news. However, in the United States last year there were 4,147 deaths from fires, and the total property damage was over 11 billion dollars.

To test your knowledge of fire safety, see if you can correctly answer the following question:

The major cause of home structure fires in the United States from 1994 through 1998 was:

  1. Electrical
  2. Smoking
  3. Child playing
  4. Open flame, ember or torch
  5. Cooking equipment
  6. Arson
  7. Appliance, tool or air conditioning
  8. Heating equipment
  9. Other equipment

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(Source: Provided with the kind permission of the NFPA, Fire Analysis and Research Division;
Last Editorial Review: 10/8/2001

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