Exercise Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes: Part 1 - The Benefits

Medical Author: Ruchi Mathur, M.D.
Medical Editor: William C. Shiel, Jr., MD, FACP, FACR

A 52 year old woman came into my office last week with recently diagnosed diabetes. She works as an administrative assistant and admitted to having a rather non-active lifestyle. We discussed medications and basic nutritional changes. We also talked about the importance of exercise in patients with diabetes.

Physical exercise is important for all of us. Physical conditioning is one of the most important quality of life factors that we can actually improve, thus contributing to a longer and healthier life. Even better, exercise is empowering since each person can control the amount of activity they do to achieve the maximum benefit.

Exercise presents a special challenge in patients with type 1 diabetes, and I will address this topic in another article. In this discussion, I will focus on exercise in type 2 diabetes.

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