For Dad's Fatherhood in danger?... Cloning!

Whether we are male or female is determined by two sex chromosomes-the X and Y chromosomes. Each pair of sex chromosomes is one of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes located within each cell of our body. The combination of two X sex chromosomes (XX) establishes the FEMALE sex. Persons with an X and a Y sex chromosome (XY) develop into MALEs. (An easy trick to remember this difference is that Y=BOY.)

A clone is a group of genetically identical cells. Recently, a big threat to fatherhood (and motherhood for that matter) has come from experiments on cloning. In late February, a group of Scottish scientists reported that they had successfully cloned a sheep. In doing so, they were able to reproduce one sheep from another with identical genetic material within the cells of the two!

In no instance of this brilliant, but controversial experiment, did a male sheep participate. The genetic material from a sheep was fused with the sheep's egg. This was then placed into the uterus of another sheep, which gave birth to the "cloned" sheep.

So, be extra nice to Dad on his day...(as it appears his days may be numbered!)

Last Editorial Review: 10/23/2002

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