Medical Definition of Lisfranc Fracture

Lisfranc fracture: A dislocation of the midfoot most commonly caused by stepping into a hole and falling forward or similar forces on the foot. The injury is named for the French doctor who first described this type of injury. The area of the midfoot that is dislocated contains a cluster of small bones that forms an arch on top of the foot between the ankle and the toes. From these bones, the long bones known as metatarsals extend down the foot toward the toes. Lisfranc injuries are often mistakenly diagnosed as sprains and are difficult to identify on X-rays. In some cases, CT or MRI scans can help establish the diagnosis of a Lisfranc fracture. Treatment can involve casting or surgical repair for more severe cases.

Medically reviewed by Martin Zipser, MD; Board Certified: Surgery

Last Editorial Review: 5/12/2014

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