Coping With Chronic Diseases (cont.)

Eating a balanced diet and taking time to relax can rejuvenate you. Do something special (or a number of somethings) regularly for yourself. This might be exercising, yoga, reading, helping at a community group, or even watching leaves fall from a tree. Reserve time for yourself and use it. You will be in optimal condition to face the challenges of your illness if you've refreshed yourself.

Developing a positive attitude does help. Again, a positive attitude does not mean denying that you have a chronic illness. It means not focusing on the negative aspects of your illness all of the time and learning to minimize emphasizing the bothersome features of your disease.

If coping remains too difficult, let your doctor know your feelings. There may be many options that are available to you that you can access through the assistance of your doctor.


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Last Editorial Review: 2/1/2012