Top 2 Prevention Measures Are FREE

Patients I see in the office for medical consultation commonly are seeking advice about measures of health prevention. There are two health prevention measures that stand out as very powerful in maximizing health down the road. And, here's the secret surprise: both are FREE and accessible to everyone.

Most powerful prevention measure #1 - STOP SMOKING.

Before I review a partial list of damaging conditions that result from long-term cigarette smoking, let me present the concept exactly as I do for my patients. (Example, patient John Doe). I explain to John that in my mind I can visualize two John Does, side by side, 20 years from now - one that continued to smoke and one that didn' t. The two Johns will look completely different both in terms of the outer appearance and inner appearance (if we slice up each organ and examine it). The entire body of the John who continued smoking has further tissue damage from smoking, regardless of how much smoking John had done prior to seeing me in the office.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 12/1/2014

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