Pool Safety: Tips for a Safe Summer for Children (cont.)

Travel Safety

  • Buckle up car seats and seat belts.

  • Keep children entertained with car games, activity books and story tapes.

  • Make periodic stops along the way.

  • Keep supplies with you, such as snacks, water, a first aid kit and any medicines your child takes.

  • Always use a car seat, starting with your baby's first ride home from the hospital. Help your child form a lifelong habit of buckling up.

  • Read the manufacturer's instructions and always keep them with the car seat.

  • Read your vehicle owner's manual for more information on how to install the car seat.

  • Put your child in the back seat. It is the safest place in the car because it is farthest away from a head-on crash (the most common type of crash).

  • The harness system holds your child in the car seat and the seat belts hold the seat in the car. Attach both snugly to protect your child.

  • Children in rear-facing car seats should never be placed in a front seat equipped with an air bag.

  • Children traveling alone to visit relatives or attend summer camp should have a copy of their medical information with them at all times.

American Academy of Pediatrics
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Last Editorial Review: 7/8/2009