Rhabdomyolysis Symptoms and Causes (cont.)

Rehydrating the patient aggressively with intravenous (IV) fluids is the first line of treatment for rhabdomyolysis, to try to flush the myoglobin in the blood thorough the kidney filtration system. If this doesn't work, temporary dialysis may be needed to remove the myoglobin proteins and hopefully protect the kidneys over the long term.

It is strange that 13 players would get sick at one time. And the investigation continues whether it was due to an excessively hard workout or some other cause. There are always lessons to be learned about the body.

  1. A little pain never hurt anybody, but a person needs to know when "too much is too much."

  2. Water is vital for the body to function and thirst is the body's signal that we need to hydrate.

  3. Finally, let urine be your guide. Clear urine is a sign that the body is well hydrated and the kidneys are removing excess water. Concentrated urine is just the opposite; the kidneys sense dehydration and want to conserve as much water as possible. Brown urine is a sign that bad things may be about to happen.

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