Pet Health Pictures Slideshow: Dangerous Foods That Dogs Should Never Eat

Reviewed by Katherine Scott, DVM, DACVIM on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dog licking nose

dogs should avoid avocados or guacamole

dogs should avoid alcohol

dogs should avoid onions

dogs should avoid coffee, tea or other caffienated drinks

dogs should avoid grapes

dogs should avoid dairy products or milk

dogs should avoid macadamia nuts

dogs should avoid candy and gum

dogs should avoid chocolate

dogs should not eat bones or fat off of meat

dogs should avoid persimmons, peaches and plums

dogs should not eat raw eggs

dogs should not eat raw meat or fish

avoid giving your dog foods with salt

dogs should avoid sweet foods

dogs should not eat yeast or unbaked dough

dogs should avoid medicine for humans

keep dogs out of the pantry

dog poison control

dog eating treat

dogs can eat lean meat

dog eating watermelon

dog eating carrot

dog eating treat

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