Exercising With Your Dog

Photo of dog on a scale with owner
Black lab on the beach
Dogs and their owners at a dog park
Woman jogging with her dog
Man and dog underwater in a pool
Dog jumping in the air to catch a frisbee
Woman and her dog on in the mountains
Dog and owner jumping over an obstacle
Dogs and their owners doing yoga in the park
Dog chasing soccer ball
Dog running while owners rollerblade
Dog running along side owner riding a bike
Dogs running in the park
Dog running in the snow while owner skis
Dog catching ball in the air
Dog with a veterinarian
Dog waiting at the bottom of the stairs with leash in its mouth
Dog panting with toungue hanging out
Dog drinking water from a water fountain
Dog running on a trail with owner
Dog swimming in water

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Reviewed by Audrey Cook, DVM on Friday, July 01, 2011

Pet Health Pictures Slideshow: Exercising With Your Dog

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