Tips On Choosing A Sport For Your Child (cont.)

Parent Pointers

Some things for parents to keep in mind:
  • Provide transportation to and from all practices and games or meets, and ensure your player is prompt in arriving and in departing.
  • Attend practices and games or meets if your schedule allows. Lend the players your support in a positive manner. Emphasize their accomplishments and efforts.
  • Make sure your child never talks with, or leaves with, strangers.
  • Have your child bring the required equipment to and from all games and practices.
  • Practice with your child.
  • Avoid material rewards. Stress the joy of the sport.
  • Listen. Make your child feel important and encourage contribution to a team effort.
  • Understand that your child will make mistakes.
  • Be positive and do not criticize. If your child is not performing correctly or improving, suggest an alternate technique with the coach's guidance, such as, "That's pretty good, now how about trying it this way?"
  • Be graceful-and not boastful-when your child's team wins.
  • Be positive and provide encouragement when your child's team loses or your child fails to place.
  • Make fun and technique-development top priorities when practicing.
  • Support your child's coach and, before being asked, offer to help in any way possible.
  • Do not disagree with the coach or referees on the field or in front of your child. Questions, input and positive suggestions should be discussed privately and calmly.
  • Enjoy the excitement of the sport and the opportunity to be with your child.

Last Editorial Review: 7/30/1999 8:23:00 AM

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