Sciatica Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Illustration of sciatica.
Photo of a person with lower back pain due to sciatica.
Photo of a man lifting a box.
Photo of pregnant woman holding her back.
Cut away photo of a slipped disc.
A CT scan of the spine shows spinal stenosis.
MRI of a spinal tumor.
Illustration of piriformis muscle.
Photo of a man removing his wallet from his back pants pocket.
A pelvis x-ray.
Photo of doctor examining a sciatica patient.
Photo of a person getting an MRI.
Photo of a person using a smart phone.
Photo of hot and cold compress for pain relief.
Photo of a person taking pain medication for sciatica.
Photo of woman stretching her legs and lower back.
Photo of syringe.
Photo of a surgeon during an operation.
Photo of a woman performing physical therapy after sciatica surgery.
Photo of acupuncture needles.
Photo of a man lifting a box from the floor.

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Sciatica Pictures Slideshow: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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