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Please describe your experience with sciatica.

Published: June 30

My pain starts in my right lower back. Also feel it in my hip too. Sometimes my hip goes out. The pain also radiates down my leg as well. Certain movements really trigger it so bad that the pain is horrible.

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Published: June 27

I am an avid runner. While training for a marathon a couple years ago I pushed to hard and had my sciatic nerve act up. I stopped running for two weeks so that I could still participate in the marathon. Aspirin can temporarily relieve the inflammation and pain but resting it was much more vital to recovery for me. It still bothers me occasionally but I was able to run and finish the marathon.

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Published: June 25

I had sciatica very badly 10 yrs ago. Could not walk, sit or lay without pain. Husband moved to guest room, as I kept him awake, also. Medical Dr's, therapy, shots, chiropractic treatments, anti inflammatory, nothing helped. Then I went to an acupuncturist. Now I am pain free. However, it is not an overnight cure. I had two treatments a week for a month, then once a week for a month, down to monthly treatments. Took about 6 months. But worth it. No drugs with side effects, no pain with the treatment, I usually dozed off, as it was so restful. Now when it starts to act up, I put a good magnet on my back, and within a day, any pain is gone. I recommend acupuncture wholeheartedly. Be sure to find a good one. The one I used trained in Taiwan.

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Published: June 25

I had accident in 1981 suffered ruptured back. The doctor called the damage sciatica this last three months have been hell all of a sudden pain never left. I contacted my doctor several times but no satisfaction except, finally last week I insisted on x rays this week my doctor informed me I have an aneurism on my spine I'm sick with worry about this and pretty mad it took so long to be diagnosed.

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Published: June 25

Bed rest, perhaps....but this can be painful as well after time. Good support of the lower back is important, so I suggest a rolled thick towel right in that curve in your back (warmed?) as you lie flat in bed. If possible, also place a pillow under both knee joints as this relieves the stress somewhat as well. I have had this problem on both sides at times and the older you get, the longer it takes to heal or dissipate. Treat the symptoms early and try to support your back and knee backs even if you have no pain. Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sciatica has a mind of its own. It comes and leaves when it feels like it. Unless there is an operation, there is little you can do except wait out the storm.

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Published: June 16

Lower back pain that is to one side or both sides of the spine.Can't walk without pain and being bent over.usualy gets better after three or four days.I went to a chiroprator and the treatment did little or no good.

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Published: June 12

I was never diagnosed with sciatica but what I experience I think it must be it. I know I have lordosis and scoliosis which is progressing with my age. I have horrible pain and numbness in my left leg going down to the calf. There are days when I limp and I try to hide it as much as possible. In the shop when I can't stand anymore I squat pretending I look at the product on the bottom shelf. What I have observed is that my numbness gets worse after consumption of fizzy drinks, beer, colored drinks and sweets, cookies with baking powder, raisins and many other foods with additives. Now I try to stay away from them and it is better.

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Published: June 09

The pain is still intense; it has affected everything in my life. Can't sit, walk, bend, push, pull, stand, lay down, reach, squat, lift or anything else hardly without causing more intense pain. I guess I could maybe work again, (if I could find a job floating). My sciatica affects my low right back & hip, down right leg to foot (a lot) and at times even goes across to my other hip and down other leg to around the knee. At times I walk with a limp, from the pain too. When it is damp or cold, it gets worse too. About the only thing I can find to do (no insurance) is to get SOMBRA and rub it in, and it will at least take a slight bit of the edge off the pain. Getting in my car, using the 6 way power seat until I hit a position where I am in less pain does help for at least a few minutes (if I can get TO my car that is). Being in constant pain isn't a fun way to live. I have noticed that IF I can get to a jacuzzi/hot tub and lay and float in the water (hot) that it will ease the pain also somewhat for a few minutes, too. Doing this without any type of pain medication seems to cruel and all but I know that everything happens for a reason. I am hoping this will go away one day soon.

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