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Please describe your experience with sciatica.

Comment from: Isabella, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 04

My sciatica pain was so excruciating down my hip and hamstring to my knee I cannot pull myself up stairs. I finally went to the doctor and he put me on prednisone for 7 days. Within 2 days I could start walking up the stairs.

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Comment from: mamahurts, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 27

I am 45 and a mother of 3. I have always been active and healthy. Nothing held me back and I always had a high tolerance for pain. This past May (2013), I had to sit with my back unsupported on school bleachers for 2 hours. Since that day I have had severe pain. After an MRI in Sept of 2013 I t showed I had a bulged disc around L-4 on my left side. Steroid injections and rest did not help and I had to have surgery. Finally I had relief but after a month back to work and on my feet for 6 hours at a time, my right leg started to go numb and increased to chronic pain radiating down my right leg to my toes but my back never hurt. I returned to the doctor and another MRI was done and showed another ruptured disc on the L-5 and S-1. I tried injections but I ended up with emergency surgery the day after Christmas because of intolerable pain. The doctor said that the MRI did not show everything that was going on which is why my pain was so bad. The bulge was enormous and slightly ruptured into the nerves. It has now been 3 and 1/2 weeks and I do not have the severe pain that I had at Christmas but I do still have pain and weakness when standing and walking. I cannot stand up over 20 minutes without a heavy aching pain and tingle in my feet. My back side of my legs are still numb from the damage of the bulge. I need to return to work but I am afraid I will damage it more. There has to be a solution for this! I am too young and have two small children to finish raising.

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Comment from: NeedRelief, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 23

I have had two herniated and bulging discs as well as spinal stenosis pain for over 15 years. I am always dealing with some level of pain. Five weeks ago I "sprained” my back. Pain manager gave me a couple of injections of lidocaine, oral steroid, pain killers and muscle relaxers. I was ok within 5 days. A week ago I sneezed, but was unable to brace myself in time, felt a pop in my lower back. I went back to pain manager, same treatment, for what is the most horrific pain. I've had sciatica in the past, pain in my butt. This pain is excruciating and radiates from my hip down to my foot. The only time the pain is tolerable is when I am walking. I am scheduled for a cortisone epidural next week.

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Comment from: karen, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 17

In 2011 I herniated disc L4/L5, and I was told I had spinal stenosis and severe sciatica plus my discs are bigger than the norm. Till today I live every minute with my left foot numb and buttocks sore. I have a lot of muscle cramps. I've done everything there is to do even go to physiotherapy 3 times a week. The more I walk or stand the more I hurt. No surgery has been done and I'm hoping for an MRI in the near future. I'm better than I was but am still limited.

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Comment from: vb101, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 02

My sciatica acts up occasionally. I found that this time it was following a 24 hour flu that ran through our house. I had violent vomiting and runs, only to be followed by this pain. Day two, pain still radiating down my leg, kept me up most of the night, but I took some Tylenol and it seems to be helping, as well as moving around. My pain level is at about an 8 out of ten.

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Comment from: Mark, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 17

I spent several hours cooking hush puppies which meant a lot of bending over. The next day my left hip began to hurt. I went to my physician assistant and she diagnosed sciatic nerve problem. I have had an x-ray and was put on prednisone and a muscle relaxer. I only take the muscle relaxer at night to make sleeping a little more bearable. The pain is in my lower back but really hurts the most in my left butt and hip. It radiates down my left leg all the way to my foot. The physician assistant said that they may want an MRI after looking at the x-ray. I usually have a very high pain tolerance but this is through the roof.

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Comment from: sharine, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 21

I've been having this pain from my lower back on my left side, travelling down my buttock, down behind my thigh, behind my knee, down my calf and down to my toes. My toes are tingling and feel numb but are not numb to the touch, and it's only my pinky toe and the toe next to it. The pain is not severe but it's annoying. Some days it's worse than other days. The pain in my back is worse when I twist my body, sometimes it is a shooting pain. I cannot sleep too long on my left side because then I will feel this pain in my leg and I have to change position. Some days the pain in my leg will bother me the whole day when sitting at my desk at work. When I get up and walk a little the pain will ease up. Like I mentioned before, the pain is not unbearable (no painkillers necessary) but it's annoying.

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