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      Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu) Article
      • Gastroenteritis (stomach flu) facts
      • What is gastroenteritis (stomach flu)?
      • What causes gastroenteritis?
      • Clostridum difficile as a cause of gastroenteritis
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      • Is gastroenteritis contagious?
      • Is gastroenteritis a serious illness?
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    • Liver (Anatomy and Function) The liver is the largest gland and organ in the body. There are a variety of liver diseases caused by liver inflammation,...learn more »
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      Liver (Anatomy and Function) Article
      • What is the liver? Is it a gland or an organ?
      • What is the functional purpose of the liver?
      • What does the liver look like, and where is it located in the body?
      • What diseases affect the liver?
      • Fatty liver disease
      • Cirrhosis
      • Infections
      • Hepatitis
      • Medications
      • Toxins
      • Genetic disorders
      • Cancer
      • Abnormalities of bile flow from the liver
      • Decrease in blood flow draining from the liver
      • What are symptoms of diseases of the liver?
      • How is an examination of the liver performed?
      • What is a liver biopsy?
      • Can diseases of the liver be prevented?
    • Typhoid Fever Typhoid fever is an illness caused by the Salmonella typhi bacteria. The illness is contracted by ingesting the bacteria in...learn more »
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      Typhoid Fever Article
      • Typhoid fever facts
      • What is typhoid fever? What is the history of typhoid fever?
      • How do patients get typhoid fever?
      • How do the bacteria cause disease, and how is it diagnosed?
      • What are the symptoms of typhoid fever?
      • What is the treatment for typhoid fever, and what is the prognosis?
      • Can typhoid fever be prevented?
    • Food Poisoning Food poisoning is caused by infectious or toxic agents. Infectious agents include bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Toxic agents...learn more »
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      Food Poisoning Article
      • Food Poisoning Overview
      • Food Poisoning Causes
      • Food Poisoning Symptoms
      • Viral Symptoms
      • Bacterial Symptoms
      • Parasitic Symptoms
      • Toxic Agent Symptoms
      • When to Seek Medical Care
      • Food Poisoning Diagnosis
      • Food Poisoning Treatment
      • Food Poisoning Home Remedies
      • Food Poisoning Medical Treatment
      • Food Poisoning Follow-up
      • Food Poisoning Prevention
      • Food Poisoning Prognosis
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      • The Glascow Coma Scale
      • Brain Aneurysm Other Exams and Tests
      • Brain Aneurysm Treatment
      • Brain Aneurysm Self-Care at Home
      • Brain Aneurysm Medical Treatment
      • Brain Aneurysm Medications
      • Brain Aneurysm Follow-up
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