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How was your recovery from your root canal procedure?

Comment from: Florence H, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 02

I had a root canal in November 2014. I had so much pain, I returned in November again right before Thanks Giving 2014. My dentist informed me that the root canal was infected and that food was in my teeth. She cleaned it out and started to drill without giving me any pain injection of lidocaine, it hurt me so bad by reflex I grabbed her hand, so she stopped drilling, but she continued to clean out the infection. She packed my teeth with something that smells like bleach and cotton, I really think it was some type of bleach because she splattered it on my shirt, and now it has bleach dots. I could be wrong saying its bleach but it smelt just like bleach. She gave me a prescription for antibiotic and Motrin. I returned to the dentist with the same problem in January 2015, she said it was infected again while we were in the waiting room and gave me the same medicine. So when I got home I did my research online about root canals. So during my recent visit on February 18, 2015, the dentist told me my root canals is infected, and that she could see pus, but she stated the root canal looked good. So the dentist did the same thing, cleaned and packed my tooth, but this time I didn't smell any bleach. The dentist tried to hurry me off because she had an appointment, due to my frustration I asked the dentist how long will it take her to finish the root canal, and she told me some nonsense. I told her if she would do it correctly, I would not keep having all these continuing infections and if she would have done the root canal properly, food would not keep getting trapped in the area. So finally the dentist sealed my teeth, and I did feel better that day, but I think that the root canal is making me have other medical problems. My root canal area is painful, I think it is making the right side of my neck painful, and I rarely ever have a headache, now I am getting headaches on the back of my head. I just want this to be over.

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Comment from: sweepea, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 17

The first root canal was on a canine tooth. It was instantly better, and there was no pain, once the Novacaine wore off. My second root canal was on a pre-molar. My gums from where the dental dam/clamp was placed were very sore, and the tooth only hurt for a few hours. The third was on a molar, it was very painful for about 24 hours. My upper gum was very sore from the injection site of the Novacaine.

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Comment from: D.R., 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 24

I had a root canal done in early December 2011. I knew it was infected because of the tenderness, throbbing and very painful when I ate or drank anything. My gum above the tooth was very tender and swollen. I went in to see my doctor and he started right away on the root canal without treating the infection first!!! He began to numb my gums above the tooth. Several Novocain shots later, I believe I had a total of eight shots and still felt the pain of him drilling and pulling the roots out. I also said to him that there is a foul smell and taste draining into my throat. He replied that it is not related to my tooth. I wish I would have stopped him then. He continued to finish the procedure. The root canal is done. It IS January 22, 2012 and from the time I had my root canal to today's date I have had a small mess above my gums. It is very tender and sore. I work up this morning (1-22-2012) and my face looks like a melon on the right side. My neck is starting to swell and I feel like my eye is going to pop out of its socket. I have to wait until Monday to call and have someone fix the problem that should not have escalated to this. The doctor should have treated me with antibiotics before he ever tried to do the root canal.

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Comment from: ginger, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 02

I had a root canal done over a year ago, I have went back 4 different times, having problems with it. It's my eye tooth. I have been on antibiotics for a week and just stop taking them. I woke up through the night with my tooth hurting and very sore. The dentist said he had to go with a 28 gauge, most of time 19 is as far as you go. Could it be something he's not doing or what. I'm so tired of hurting with this tooth. I started back on antibiotics, but I can't take them forever.

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Comment from: Carrie, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 09

I have had four root canals and I have had pain and infections since. My front bottom teeth usually hurt to some degree all the time. I had 2 root canals one right next to the other. I have a good dentist but am sick of having this pain in my teeth. I had 1 root canal when I was a teenager that never bothered me, but that was on a molor. The next one I had was 6 years ago, it became badly infected and I ended up in the ICU overnight fearing my throat would swell shut. I had 2 other root canals in that tooth since last year. And it is still painful.

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Comment from: Tasha, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 22

A year ago I had a root canal. I am still suffering from it and go to the dentist almost every month. The pain gets so bad sometimes that I can't sleep. The dentist said the nerve is dead and I shouldn't feel any pain, but the pain is excruciating. I totally regret having this done. My worst experience ever!

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