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Published: June 24

I've had RLS for 40 years. Nobody new then what it was. Finally I went to a Dr. and he gave me Klonopin. It helped for about 3 years since I've been on many but the last 5-6 Mirapex. I have it in my shoulders arms fingers also. My legs have attacks about 3-4 times a day. I take Mirapex 2pills 3X a day. I just can't to get relief for the past 3 Mo. I haven't slept all night for probably 6 Yrs. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I need some relief somehow. I'm sitting at the PC and my legs are so bad I can't sit here. I took 2 pills about 2hrs. ago and hasn't let up. It doesn't matter if it's early late standing sitting I've tried it all. Why can't somebody find the cure. Please any advice would so be appreciated.

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Published: June 19

I'm relieved that I'm not the only one that gets the RLS sensations in my arms at night. I have only ever heard of this in legs, and it's so uncomfortable. The only thing that I found that lets me get to sleep is to have a painkiller or aspirin about an hour before I go to bed. It's not an ideal solution I know, but it's the only thing that takes away the feelings and lets me sleep.

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Published: June 18

I'm a 34 year old male, and have had RLS for a number of years although I didn't even know what I had until I recently saw a commercial for a prescription drug describing the same symptoms I have when trying to go to sleep. Unlike most people though I have RLS in my arms instead of my legs. I haven't tried taking any prescription drugs for this, but I have found that doing a lot of pushups until my arms are worn out helps most of the time. The only problem with this is the more pushups I do over the years, the more it take to wear me out. I also try to take my mind off my arms, think about my day, or what tomorrow will be like. This also seems to help. I hope this info can be helpful.

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Published: June 18

I got RLS when I was pregnant 2 yrs ago. I was told it would go away but all it has done has gotten worse. I have had about 2 hours of sleep each night going on 2 weeks now and I really think I am going insane. The best way I can describe it is lots of spiders crawling around the inside of my legs and sometimes my arms. The doctor started me on Requip which calmed the symptoms of the RLS but had me vomiting every night.

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Published: June 12

I have had RLS for a number of years now but only recently have I managed to link it to when I eat a lot of dairy produce, cheese being the main one. Since I've cut down, I have noticed quite a difference.

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Published: June 11

I am a 30yr old female light smoker and occasional drinker, I have had RLS for a number of years now and have most of the sensations RLS sufferers get its extremely uncomfortable, on the odd occasion strangely when sleeping at night I have had the same sensations in my arms where I feel the urge that I have to move them. I have recently been told that there is a link to RLS and high cholesterol.

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Published: June 10

I have had RLS for years; it seems to be worsening as I age, (43yrs old). When I was younger, it was worse after working two or three night shifts. Now, I have it all the time, jerky, twitchy, painful legs. Usually a hot bath will help, but now that doesn't even work, since I am typing this at 3:35am!

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Published: June 09

My RLS symptoms first started about 8 years ago, when I was 40, and have gotten progressively worse in the last year. My particular problem is uncontrolled jumping and jerking of my legs. Having something on my lap, a book, pillow or anything that is applying even the slightest pressure starts my symptoms going. Even the touch of someone's hand on my thigh worsens the problem. I started taking Requip and have found it to be very helpful. The only problem I've found is prolonged drowsiness the following day. I've experimented with different dosages and found .75 mg to be the best. However, I'm still bothered enough by the next day drowsiness that I'm going back to my doctor. I hope you have better luck with this new medication than I've had.

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