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What surgical procedures are available for renal artery stenosis?

If the results of any of these screening tests suggest an abnormality of the renal artery, an x-ray angiography is then performed. A 75% or greater narrowing of the renal artery seen on the angiogram has been termed treatable renal artery stenosis.

Treatable means that the stenosis of the artery is severe (75% or greater narrowing), the artery needs to be widened (dilated), and it has a good chance of responding favorably to the dilatation. Usually right at the time of the angiography, an angioplasty is done. In this procedure a tiny balloon is inflated in the interior space in the artery (the lumen) to dilate the narrowed artery. Additionally, as part of the angioplasty procedure, a stent (tubular device to prevent recurrence of the narrowing) may be placed in the artery.

In rare cases, vascular surgery (on the blood vessels) may be done for renal artery stenosis. In these situations, typically another vascular surgery near the renal arteries, for example the aorta, is the main procedure. If renal artery stenosis is also present, then a bypass renal artery surgery may be done at the same time.

These invasive procedures are typically reserved for cases that do not respond to medical treatment and where it has been determined that the stenosis is causing or contributing to the uncontrolled high blood pressure. These invasive procedures may only be done if it is thought that the kidney dysfunction or elevated blood pressure can be effectively treated with the procedures.

Picture of renal artery stenosis surgery
Picture of renal artery stenosis surgery
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