Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Related Diseases & Conditions

Medical conditions are often related to other diseases and conditions. Our doctors have compiled a list of ailments related to the topic of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. These conditions may be a cause or symptom of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis or be a condition for which you may be at increased risk.

  • Abdominal Pain Abdominal pain is pain in the belly and can be acute or chronic. Causes include inflammation, distention of an organ, and loss...learn more »
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    Abdominal Pain Article
    • Abdominal pain facts
    • What is abdominal pain?
    • What causes abdominal pain?
    • How is the cause of abdominal pain diagnosed?
    • Characteristics, symptoms, and signs of the abdominal pain
    • Associated signs and symptoms of abdominal pain
    • Physical examination
    • Exams and tests
    • Special problem in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) of diagnosing the cause of abdominal pain
    • Why can diagnosis of the cause of abdominal pain be difficult?
    • How can I help my doctor to determine the cause of my abdominal pain?
  • Enlarged Spleen (Splenomegaly) The spleen enlarges if it is asked to do excessive work in filtering or manufacturing blood cells, if there is abnormal blood...learn more »
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    Enlarged Spleen (Splenomegaly) Article
    • Enlarged spleen facts
    • What is an enlarged spleen?
    • What are the causes of an enlarged spleen?
    • What are the symptoms of an enlarged spleen?
    • When should I seek medical care for an enlarged spleen?
    • How is enlarged spleen diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment for an enlarged spleen?
    • What are the complications of an enlarged spleen?
    • Can an enlarged spleen be prevented?
    • What is the outlook (prognosis) for an enlarged spleen?
  • Liver Cancer Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world and the majority of patients with liver cancer will die within one year...learn more »
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    Liver Cancer Article
    • Liver cancer facts
    • What is liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC)?
    • What is the scope of the liver cancer problem?
    • What are the population characteristics (epidemiology) of liver cancer?
    • What are liver cancer causes and risk factors?
    • What are liver cancer symptoms and signs?
    • How is liver cancer diagnosed?
    • Blood tests
    • Imaging studies
    • Liver biopsy or aspiration
    • What is the natural history of liver cancer?
    • What are the treatment options for liver cancer?
    • Chemotherapy and biotherapy
    • Chemoembolization (trans-arterial chemoembolization or TACE)
    • Radioembolization
    • Ablation techniques
    • Cryoablation
    • Stereotactic radiosurgery
    • Proton beam therapy
    • Surgery
    • Is there a role for routine screening for liver cancer?
    • What is fibrolamellar carcinoma?
    • What's in the future for the prevention and treatment of liver cancer?
  • Jaundice Jaundice is a yellowish staining of the skin and whites of the eyes (sclerae) with bilirubin, the pigment found in bile. Jaundice...learn more »
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    Jaundice Article
    • What is jaundice?
    • What causes jaundice?
    • What problems and symptoms does jaundice cause?
    • What diseases cause jaundice?
    • What about jaundice in pregnancy?
    • What is neonatal jaundice (jaundice in newborn infants)?
    • How is the cause of jaundice diagnosed?
    • What is the treatment for jaundice?
    • Can jaundice be prevented?
    • What is the prognosis for jaundice?
  • Liver The liver is the largest solid organ in the body, and is actually an gland. The liver has a wide variety of critical functions...learn more »
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    Liver Article
    • Liver facts
    • Liver overview
    • How large is the liver?
    • Where is the liver located (liver anatomy)?
    • What is the function of the liver?
    • What special features enable the liver to do so much?
    • What diseases affect the liver?
    • How do liver diseases cause symptoms?
    • What are blood tests for the diagnosis of liver disease?
    • Why does the doctor examine the liver?
    • What is a liver biopsy?
    • What else is important about the liver?
  • Fatigue Fatigue is a common health complaint by individuals. Fatigue is also referred to as feeling weary, tired, exhausted, lethargic,...learn more »
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    Fatigue Article
    • Fatigue Overview
    • Fatigue Causes
    • Fatigue Symptoms
    • When to Seek Medical Care
    • Fatigue Diagnosis
    • Fatigue Treatment
    • Fatigue Medical Treatment
    • Fatigue Prevention
    • Fatigue Prognosis
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