Pregnancy: Things to Buy for Your Newborn (cont.)

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Eight other items for your baby

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The following items aren't essential, but many parents find them convenient.

  1. A baby sling to carry your baby and leave your hands free
  2. A baby monitor that allows you to keep track of baby while you are in a different room
  3. A diaper bag, with plenty of room for snacks, toys, a changing pad, and plastic bags (for dirty diapers)
  4. A "bouncy seat" or infant swing
  5. A changing table for diapering, with storage for diapers, wipes, ointment, etc.
  6. A crib mobile; musical mobiles are available that provide added interest
  7. A CD player; some babies enjoy soothing or lullaby music
  8. A night light, to help you see during late-night feedings or diaper changes

Medically reviewed by Margaret Walsh, MD; American Board of Pediatrics

REFERENCE: Newborn care and safety.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 4/15/2015

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