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What was the treatment for your polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Published: June 19

I have known I had PCOS for years and I didn't have a period for years. I started losing weight by lowering carbohydrates to help the PCOS symptoms. Recently my husband and I were preparing to have children and in that process I begin to menstruate again. But, it is very painful and kept me off work and stopped me from working out. This disease affects your entire body and unless you have it you will never understand what women like us who have PCOS go through.

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Published: June 17

I am a 34 year old woman. I was diagnosed with pcos last summer. I am afraid that I will not be abe to become pregnant or carry a child. My symptoms are controlled by Glucophage. I am going to start my first round of Clomid. What are my chances?

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Published: June 17

I was diagnosed with PCOS over 2 years ago, but I do not have issues with being over weight (but I do exercise 2-4 times per week).I do have cysts that were detected, my periods are irregular, and I get hair growth. A year before that I had a laparoscopy surgery for endometriosis which removed stage II endometriosis. I had tried clomide to get pregnant but it made my vision blurry. So far no luck getting pregnant.

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Published: June 12

I have gained 30 lbs over the last few months and the lbs came on so quickly, I didn't know what was happening. I went to the doctor and she ordered tests. The only thing that was found was that I had high blood pressure and Dr said if I lose weight, the blood pressure should come down as well. I try and try and try all to no avail as I continue to gain weight even though I am dieting and exercising. I came across an article about PCOS and all the pieces of the puzzle started fitting into place. I am in menopause, so the lack of periods is the only thing that differs.

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Published: June 04

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago when my husband and I were trying to have a child. I was blessed to have a family practitioner who is also an OB, and he recognized it immediately. I have had just about every classic PCOS symptom there is. I am one that when I hear that I might have something, I research it to death. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when I read all the symptoms of PCOS and suddenly knew there was a reason for my severe acne in my teenage years, and for my weight and why it was so HARD to lose it. I just sat and cried I was so relieved to finally know what was wrong with me. After my husband and I had been married about 5 years and trying just about everything from Clomid (and all the other things that went with it; amoxycillin and Robitussin) which didn't work, Glucophage (which made me nauseous ALL THE TIME), to HCG shots which did work but at the time they started working, my husband lost his job and we could no longer afford it. So, we went off it. After I tried a new diet and lost 25 pounds, I spontaneously began having a cycle and three months later found myself surprised as I looked at my first positive pregnancy test ever (out of what seemed like hundreds). Five months later I developed gestational diabetes, but didn't understand the effect that can have on pregnancy. Please, if you get pregnant with PCOS and develop GDM, PLEASE eat right. Do not cheat. I had a 9 pound 4 ounce macrosomic baby and tore really bad. Eight months later I developed Type 2 diabetes, but have now learned to eat right (NO refined sugar, no refined flour or simple starches! All whole grains and lots of vegetables and fruit). Diet and exercise is the greatest impact on PCOS (and Type 2; my diabetes is completely controlled by diet and meds other than Chromium as a supplement). Take care of it as soon as you can. It is so much harder to treat once Type 2 diabetes starts. The weight is even harder to lose, and I have lost the weight I gained down to what I was when I got pregnant before, but this time, I haven't started having cycles again. Find a good doctor who knows a lot about PCOS, and get as educated about your body, how it works (or doesn't) and how to treat it with the proper diet.

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Published: June 03

I was diagnosed after at 19 after I suddenly started gaining weight, growing a beard practically, and developing huge zits all over my jaw line. It was mis diagnosed several times because "all teens have irregular periods", "oh you get used to cramps they aren't that bad", "freshmen 15", " well you're Turkish and maybe you are more likely to grow hair...", "lot's of people have hypoglycemia". Things like that. It was my laser hair removal specialist who pointed to PCOS and sure enough that was me. DIET and EXERCISE are the best treatment. I went on Accutane twice and may be going on it again to help with the acne. I am now 27 and I am trying a holistic approach to help with the symptoms. I work out like a crazy person and keep a really good but not ultra strict diet but I am still 15 lbs overweight. The more overweight I get the worse my symptoms. I tried to go off the pill but that has made my symptoms worse so I am going back on. My periods are irregular no matter what pill I am on and they are terrible. I have to miss at least one day of work or school each cycle. But luckily I don't have too many. Diet is so important I have food cravings like you wouldn't believe but I know that if I am craving it that means I should probably never have it. I only eat organic meat and not too much. It absolutely helped. I eat lots of fruit and veg and NO REFINED SUGARS! NONE! It takes about 6 months but it is true if you can push through it cold turkey you no longer want sugars that much. I will definitely eat a tasty homemade cookie sometimes but that is about it. I hope this is informative for you I def. know how hard it is but make the gym your new friend and you'll be okay.

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