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Were you hospitalized for your pneumothorax? What types of treatment did you receive, including medication?

Comment from: Laury, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: July 06

My daughter got sick quickly with sore throat and fever for a day. She has been diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. She has not had to have treatment in 6 years nor has she been on a preventative medication in that time as well. The doctor tested her for strep and could not get any breathing sounds out of her right lung. He stated he would like to have chest x-ray done but since my ex-husband does not carry insurance on our children he did not want to have that expense incurred on him. He stated since the strep test came back positive to prescribe the antibiotic that would both heal and cure the strep and any pneumonia that could possibly be. Three weeks later and with the full antibiotic taken she went for her recheck and he still could not hear full breathing sounds out of her right lung. She was not experiencing any difficulty breathing nor was she having any pain. He then sent her for a chest x-ray and they found she had a partially collapsed right lung. She did have to have the tube inserted as the oxygen did not pull the lung back up. The tube insertion was left in for minimal time and taken out and the final x-ray showed the lung was in normal position. My concern is that she did not have any symptoms of having a pneumothorax. I am waiting for the follow up visit with her primary doctor. But before I end this, I am not very happy with her father nor the doctor because I feel she should have had the x-ray at first checkup. Financial concern is not the doctor's concern, my child's health is.

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Comment from: anon, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: September 10

I developed a crippling pain in my right side from my chest to my shoulder. I was hospitalized, had a chest x-ray, and was diagnosed with pneumothorax, a 50% collapse. I was told to go home and return in 3 days for a follow up x-ray. On the journey to my second visit, the same thing happened on my left side. Another x-ray concluded a 30% collapse. I spent 2 nights in ICU with 40% oxygen which eased the breathing a lot. I was on codeine 60 mg and paracetamol. I am waiting for an operation appointment currently, for 2 operations over the space of a year. A CT scan shows smalls cysts at the top of the lung and a tiny one burst causing the pneumothorax.

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Comment from: Hasrul-MY, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: August 19

I was sitting in front of my desk and suddenly I had cough along with collapsed lung, I couldn't breathe because of extreme pain in chest and my backbone. I was treated with chest tube. One week later I got discharged after my lung got fully expanded. I'm a non-smoker. My job is at office, typing and writing.

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Comment from: jt, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: February 28

In 1985 I had a 65% collapse on the left lung and a chest tube was inserted. I had a growth spurt one year earlier of 3/4 inch in one month (age 24). I was and am a typical candidate for tension pneumothorax, tall lean male with late growth spurt. In 1987 I had another major collapse that required surgery to cut the blebs out of the left lung. 1997 I had a 10% collapse of the right lung, no surgery or chest tube was required. Since then I have been fine; the odd twinge that was written off as scar tissue. Last week I had a 5% in the left lung. I am hoping this will be the last one. One thing that my physician and I are examining is other issues I"ve had that all relate to connective tissue development. We believe that the early development of connective tissue during the first trimester is critical; my biological mother was under nourished during this time and did not know she was pregnant.

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Comment from: suumee2, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 01

I'm an active but still overweight middle-aged woman. I never had any sort of medical problems, and I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall. I smoked for 15 years; I started when I was 13. I quit in my early 30s right after I had pneumonia, but I smoked right through it. How dumb is that? I had two children by C-section and I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in my 40s, which for most of the time has been under control until recently when I began to have trouble with my breathing. In June 2009, I had a major pneumothorax. I had no idea what was wrong with me. It was a quiet Saturday morning and I was reading my paper and sipping morning coffee with my feet up. My husband had gone off to work. I had sharp pain upon standing and had difficulty breathing and thought I was having a heart attack. My hospital is five blocks, and I drove myself. I practically crawled into the ER where I had portable X-rays and chest tubes inserted right there. The diagnosis was spontaneous and probably a bleb. I had suction for over a week, and larger tubing was ordered after four days. I was finally released and felt good. My thoracic surgeon told me about the chances of reoccurrence and what the options would be including repair (sticky lung treatment). In May 2010, I felt a sharp familiar twinge and knew almost immediately. I went back to the ER, and they had to inject dye to see if in fact there was another collapse and only did that based on my "life threatening" collapse less than a year prior. It was there but very small. So I was again admitted on a Friday, tubed, and surgery was scheduled for Monday. I had the surgery, remained another day, and was sent home. I had only one follow-up to see how the surgery went, and in a few weeks, I went back to work. I saw the surgeon by accident at my place of work and asked if the pain I had in my ribs would ever go away. He very bluntly answered no. I broke down and cried immediately. I know after surgery there can be residual pain. But painforever. I was never told what could be the after effects of this condition or what to look for if anything. I had no idea that I could have breathing issues, and I am just learning now. I just wish I had been advised to see someone else, told about additional conditions, and given follow-up information. I wouldn't have waited with my breathlessness and tired muscles for so long. No wonder I'm stressed and my glucose levels are elevating with no change in my habits.

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