Pleural Effusion (Fluid In the Chest or On the Lung)

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    Steven Doerr, MD

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Understanding COPD

What are the signs and symptoms of pleural effusion?

Common symptoms associated with pleural effusion may include the following:

Deep breathing typically increases the pain. Symptoms of fever, chills, and loss of appetite often accompany pleural effusions caused by infectious agents.

What are the risk factors for pleural effusion?

Pleural effusions are caused by the underlying medical problems listed previously, therefore the presence of any of these medical problems are risk factors for the development of pleural effusions. It is important to note, however, that not all individuals with these medical problems will develop pleural effusions. Congestive heart failure is the most common cause of transudative pleural effusions, while infection (pneumonia) and malignancy are the most common causes of exudative pleural effusions.

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