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Side effects while taking pioglitazone which may be due to liver injury include:

Liver blood tests also are recommended during pioglitazone therapy.

Pioglitazone may cause ovulation in women who have stopped ovulating if they are premenopausal and insulin resistant. This may lead to pregnancy. For women (but not men) taking pioglitazone, there is an increased risk of bone fractures of the distal bones of the arm and leg. Patients taking pioglitazone should maintain proper bone health.



PREPARATIONS: Tablets: 15, 30 and 45 mg.

STORAGE: Tablets should be kept at room temperature, 15 C -30 C (59 F -86 F).

DOSING: Pioglitazone is prescribed once daily in doses ranging from 15 to 45 mg. The recommended starting dose for patients without heart failure is 15 or 30 mg and for those with heart failure it is 15 mg daily. Pioglitazone may be taken any time of the day, with or without meals. If a dose is missed on one day, two doses should not be taken the next day to make up for the missed dose.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Gemfibrozil reduces the break down of pioglitazone by certain liver enzymes, increasing blood levels and possibly side effects of pioglitazone. The maximum dose of pioglitazone should not exceed 15 mg daily when combined with gemfibrozil or other drugs that reduce the activity of liver enzymes that break down pioglitazone. Conversely, rifampin increases the breakdown of pioglitazone by the liver, reducing blood levels and possibly the effects of pioglitazone.

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