Pink Eye Pictures, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A woman holds a tissue to her irritated eye.
Two girls blow noisemakers at a party.
Eye redness is a symptom of pinkeye.
A young girl with a swollen eyelid from pinkeye
A close-up view of heavy inflammation in the eye.
Eye irritation caused by viral conjunctivitis.
Acute bacterial conjunctivitis with pus around the eye
Crusts on a swollen eyelid from a viral infection.
Sunspots from bright light filter through the trees.
A young man rubs his irritated eye.
An optometrist examines a patient.
A boy with conjunctivitis takes an eye exam.
Close-up of a man applying drops to the eye.
A woman washes around her eye with a washcloth.
A doctor checks a young male patient's eye.
A woman washes her hands with soap and water.

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Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Pictures Slideshow: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

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