Phobias Pictures: What Are You Afraid Of?

A woman covers her eyes from some type of phobia.
A woman feels social anxiety about going outside.
A microphone looms large in front of a huge group of people.
A man in a social setting is tied up and unable to escape.
A woman suffers claustrophobia in an elevator.
A man that suffers from arachnophobia is shocked when he almost walks into a spider and its web.
A man on the ledge of a high-rise building looks down to the street below.
A woman with aerophobia is afraid something is wrong with the plane.
A girl afraid of needles closes her eyes before getting an injection.
A man is distraught over how his phobia has affected his everyday life.
A woman avoids her fearful situation.
A woman is stressed and having a panic attack over her phobia.
A doctor diagnoses and discusses a patient's phobia.
A man goes through therapy to resolve his phobia issues.
A variety of medications treat phobias.
The following associations can provide more information about phobias.

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Phobias Picture Slideshow: What Are You Afraid Of?

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