End of Life Care for Pets FAQ (cont.)

Where Can I Get Advice or Counseling About the Loss of My Pet?

It is as natural and necessary to grieve for the loss of an animal friend as it is for any loved one who dies. The grieving process often begins before your pet has passed away, so it's important to take care of yourself and seek help if you need it.

The ASPCA Pet Loss Support program is here to help if your pet has died or if he is ill, injured or elderly. By calling the ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline at (877) 474-3310, you will receive support in the following areas:

  • Assistance with the decision to euthanize
  • Comfort and support at the time of euthanasia
  • Help with grieving the loss
  • Advice on dealing with children, the elderly or disabled individuals who are facing a death of a companion animal
  • Helping the surviving animals in the household to cope
  • Assistance in establishing a relationship with a new pet