Ringworm Infection in Dogs (cont.)

How Can I Prevent Ringworm from Spreading?

If your veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with ringworm, he or she will explain what you must do to prevent the fungus from spreading to your other pets-and to the human members of the household. This is especially important because the fungus is difficult to kill and can live in the environment for several months. Your vet may recommend baths with a medicated shampoo for all your pets, and will likely suggest washing, disinfecting or even discarding the infected animal's bedding, equipment and toys. According to ASPCA experts, the best disinfectant to use is 1 part bleach diluted with 10 parts water. And since ringworm can survive on hair and skin that your pet sheds, frequent vacuuming can help prevent transmission of the infection-but don't forget to change the vacuum bag!

As a commonsense precaution, it is a smart idea to thoroughly wash your hands after you bathe or touch your dog. Good personal hygiene and environmental decontamination are essential to keep the disease from spreading to humans.