Dog is Drooling Excessively (cont.)


Not every dog likes to have her mouth pried open or even her lips lifted to expose the teeth and gums. This is especially true if your dog's mouth is clenched shut in an attempt to protect something painful inside. Don't expect to solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Your dog doesn't necessarily understand what you're trying to do, so expect this to take some time. Go slowly and speak soothingly.

When to Get the Vet

Contact your dog's vet if:

  • You spot a foreign object that you can't safely remove yourself.
  • You are unable to stop the bleeding in your dog's mouth.
  • There's more than a small amount of pus, foul odor, or discoloration in your dog's mouth.
  • Your dog has a fractured tooth.
  • You see any growth in your dog's mouth other than a wart.
  • You believe your dog may be drooling because of pain, nausea, or a neurological problem.