Car Chasing Break Your Dogs Habit (cont.)

What NOT to Do

  • Do not expose your dog to moving traffic and physically beat him. This is inhumane and highly unlikely to deter your dog. At best, he might refrain from chasing cars when you're nearby, but he won't learn not do to it when you're not around. At worst, you could injure your dog, damage his trust in you and cause further behavior problems, such as fear and aggression.
  • Do not purposefully let your dog to take off after a car and then allow him to hit the end of a long line at a dead run. This could cause severe damage to your dog's neck and vertebrae.
  • Do not attempt to frighten your dog off chasing cars by intentionally “bumping” him with a car or throwing something out of the car window at him. You could end up seriously injuring or killing your own dog.

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