Bone Tumors in Dogs (cont.)

Benign Bone Tumors

Osteomas are raised tumors composed of dense but otherwise normal bone. They occur about the skull and face.

Osteochondromas, also called multiple cartilaginous exostoses, are bone tumors that arise in young dogs from areas where cartilage grows prior to calcification. Osteochondromas may be single or multiple and are found on the ribs, vertebrae, pelvis, and extremities. There is a hereditary basis to osteochondromas.

A bone biopsy should be performed to determine the type of bone tumor, unless the appearance on X-ray is conclusive.

Treatment: Benign tumors can be removed by local excision. The surgery is needed when the growth impinges on structures such as nerves and tendons, producing pain or causing inactivity. Surgical removal may also be indicated for the sake of appearance.

This article is excerpted from “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” with permission from Wiley Publishing, Inc.